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The Key to understanding Donald J Trump.


The book, The Key to understanding Donald J Trumptries to get beyond the smokescreen to understand the behavior of Donald Trump, which sometimes seems too elusive—appearing to have neither pattern nor order.

The phenomenon called Donald Trump, the outsider who never participated in any election campaign before ascending to the White House and who has received scorn and ridicule from academia, the media, and social elites in the United States, is not really a puzzle (as many tend to think). In fact, he is one of the most consistent presidents, faithful to his word, and keeper of his promises. Trump is the opposite of the regular politicians who promise the world on the campaign trail and then backtrack once they enter office. In Israel, one Prime Minister, in explaining his 180-degree turn on policy said: “Things look different from here than there.”

Whether you are a fan or a foe of the president, a political amateur, or just an average person who tries to understand whether there is logic to Trump’s chaos—the book gives you a window into the brain of the world’s most important man and an opportunity to read his thoughts in a way that will allow you to feel that you too can explain the rationale behind his actions, be it at the dinner table, in a conversation with friends, or simply when reading the daily news.


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