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Not All Cartoons Are Funny // A conversation with Kobby Barda, the man who alerted the world to the highly offensive cartoon in The New York Times


On Pesach, The New York Times published an anti-Semitic cartoon in its international edition. The distasteful image depicted a blind US President Donald Trump wearing a yarmulke, being pulled along by a dog with the face of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a Star of David on its collar. Kobby Barda, who heads the Gal Program at the Academic Center of Law and Science in Hod Hasharon, Israel, was the first person to bring attention to the cartoon on social media. Thanks to his efforts to call the Times to task, together with a number of Israeli diplomats, American congressmen and Jewish organizations that joined the chorus of condemnation, the paper published an apology in its “Opinion” section last Sunday, and an “Editors’ Note” in its international edition on Monday.

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